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St Doms Netball 2013

We have a total of 26 teams this year.  Listed below are the teams and the training times: (times may vary as teams settle into the season)

All year 7 games are on a Monday night at 4:20pm
Start Date: 13th May

7A Tuesday 7:30-8:30am
7B Friday Lunch Time 
7C Thursday and Friday Lunch time
7D Friday Lunch time

All year 8 games are on a Monday Night at 5:10pm
Start Date: 13th May

8A Tuesday 3:30-5pm (Courts)    
8B Thursday 3.30-5pm (Courts)
8C Wednesday Lunch time and Thursday 3.30-5pm (Courts)
8D Wednesday 3:30-5pm (Gym) and Friday-Lunch time
8E Thursday and Friday Lunchtime

All year 9 games are on a Saturday Morning
Start Date: 11th May

9A Tuesday 3.30-5pm (Courts)
9B Thursday 3:30-5pm (Courts) 
9C Monday Lunch time and Tuesday 3:30-5pm (Courts)
9D Monday 3:30-5pm (Courts)
9E Monday 3:30-5pm (Courts)
9 Social: Thursday 3:30-5pm (Gym)

All year 10 games are on a Saturday Morning
Start Date: 11th May

10A Thursday 3:30-5pm (Gym)
10B Wednesday 3:30-5pm (Gym) Thursday 3.30-5pm (Courts)
10C Tuesday 3.30-5pm (Courts) and Thursday-Lunch time

All Senior games are on a Tuesday Night
Start Date: 14th May

Prems Monday 7-8am and Thursday 7-8am   
Sen A Thursday 7-8am
Sen B Wednesday 7:30-8:15am and Friday 3:30-5pm
Sen C Monday Lunch time and Friday 3:30-5pm
Sen D Wednesday and Thursday Lunch time
Sen Social 3 Friday 3:30-5pm