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The St Dominic’s College Board of Trustees recognises that a small proportion of students can be identified as “Gifted and Talented.”


They recognise that the learning needs of these students are diverse and that individual strengths and interests need recognition.


While most of these students will be catered for with differentiated programmes within the classroom, others will be provided with appropriate opportunities in which they are able to excel.


1.   To ensure the Catholic Special Character of the College is maintained and   enhanced.

2.   To identify GATE students’ individual learning needs using a wide range of strategies and data.

3.   To provide appropriate learning opportunities for all students, especially those with special talents and abilities.

4.   To provide a culturally sensitive environment that encourages students to develop their talents within their culture.


Giftedness is found in all groups including minority groups and those with disablities. It is not confined by language and not limited to high intellect. Gifted students are those who excel, or have the potential to excel, in any ability area / areas compared to others of similar age, background and experience. 

For St. Dominic's College the ability areas include:
Spiritual awareness/values

For St Dominic’s College the ability areas include:

·               Spiritual awareness/values

·               Intellectual/academic in one or more essential Learning Areas

·               Creative Thinking Skills (effective questioning and problem solving)

·               Expression through Visual and Performing Arts

·               Social/Leadership skills (inter and intrapersonal skills)

·               Cultural specific abilities and qualities

·               Expression through physical activity or sport.


1.      Students with special gifts and talents will be identified in varied and appropriate ways.

2.      A variety of learning and teaching styles and strategies will be employed by staff as appropriate to the needs of the student.

3.      Individual learning programmes may include differentiation, enrichment, and acceleration within the classroom as well as specialised withdrawal programmes and additional out of school learning opportunities.  Multilevel learning will be encouraged.

4.      A GATE Co-ordinator and key team will oversee the programme.

5.      Staff will be provided with ongoing Professional Development.

6.      Students, parents and caregivers will work with the College pastoral care team in order to determine and monitor a student’s specific learning needs.

7.      The ability of the programme to meet student needs will be reviewed annually.

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