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Water is a dominant feature of New Zealand's landscape and many New Zealanders spend much of their recreational time in, on, or by the water.  New Zealand has one of the highest rates of drowning in the developed world with it being the 3rd highest cause of accidental death (Water Safety NZ). Many of NZ's beaches are dangerous surf beaches and NZ kids need to develop their knowledge and understanding of the hazards associated with these environments.  Beach Education and survival are therefore an important part of the Physical Education Curriculum.   

Muriwai Beach – Beach Education Programme (through Surf Life Saving NZ)

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“Beach Ed provides students with a real surf lifesaving experience. They will encounter beach and surf conditions first-hand. That means they will be participating in water activities in the surf environment under strict supervision.” SLSNZ 

There are three parts to the programme:  Theory (Sunsmart and surf beach safety teachings), beach activities (games and how to spot a rip) and water activities (afternoon only)

For safety reasons there is a 1 adult to 5 student’s ratio requirement.  The surf club runs all activities and also provides a number of lifeguards for the water session in the afternoon.  During the water activities, the adult volunteers set up a human net in the water (to waist depth) which students are kept within. 

Students who are not confident swimmers or lack confidence in the surf set their own goals for what they want to achieve.  For example, some students choose just to paddle on the water’s edge, others choose not to enter the water at all.

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