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What is the DELF?

In addition to the NCEA pathway, French offers your daughter the possibility of attaining her DELF certification. This is an entirely independent qualification issued by the French government. The certification levels range from A1-B2. The DELF is the internationally recognised attestation of French proficiency, and stays with the learner for life.

How hard is it?

There are different levels of DELF to cater for the different stages of learning. Because French at Saint Dominic’s follows the CEFR model (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) a student who has engaged in set class work should not find the tasks required in DELF at all daunting.

Why should my daughter sit the DELF?

The DELF is entirely voluntary. The French Department at Saint Dominic's advocates interested students sitting this examination because it is advantageous in the competitive job market. The opportunities for using French have widened considerably since many of us were at school, and even if your daughter is not intending to make a career from studying French, a second language will be an asset to any vocation she pursues. The DELF is viewed across the globe as concrete evidence of this standard, and the B2 level is a requirement for entry into a French university.

Is there a cost involved?

Yes, the 2016 fees are $95 (A1/A2) and $115 (B1/B2). Students who are interested in the DELF may wish to sit multiple levels as their experience grows, or only one level towards the end of their study. Capable students who wish to sit their DELF but cannot do so due to monetary restraints may be eligible for partial sponsorship by the department. The best thing about the DELF is that it is an examination for adults and children alike, so if your daughter does not sit the DELF while at school, she may sit it later on in life. For this reason, it is vital that all students considering DELF continue their French studies to at least the level of the certificate they are seeking.

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